Capture the Forest Pure New Zealand Douglas-fir Essential Oil

Naturally grown. Sustainably processed.

We capture the essence of New Zealand’s forests for commercial customers to experience the natural aroma of Douglas-fir. Our distillery was designed with sustainability at its core, repurposing our biomass waste stream to create process heat for the plant.

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Port Blakely New Zealand Essential Oils

Capturing the Essence of the Forest

Welcome to the Port Blakely Shag River Forest, nestled in the Southern Alps where we capture the essence of our New Zealand Douglas-fir forests to produce pure essential oil with a fresh, woodsy aroma.

The Douglas-fir Difference

Our oil has an invigorating woodsy body, evoking the feeling of a walk in the forest. However, the fresh top notes of citrus set Douglas-fir apart from its conifer cousins. Its bright aroma makes it suitable for use in aromatherapy and as a natural fragrance ingredient.
This unique aroma is explained by its genetics. Named for the botanist who introduced it to Europe in 1827, Douglas-fir belongs to neither the Fir nor Pine families. It inhabits its own genus, Pseudotsuga, meaning “false-hemlock” due to the species’ similarity to other cone-bearing trees.

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Sustainable Practices

The Douglas-fir trees that produce our oil come from a dedicated forest within the 35,000 hectares – or more than 85,000 acres – of forestland we own and manage in New Zealand. We take the product from seedling to oil, maintaining total control of the supply chain reliability, scalability, and quality.

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Commitment to Stewardship

NZ Essential Oils is a subsidiary of Port Blakely, a family-owned company and established global leader in renewable forest products.

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We’re proud to be a New Zealand FernMark Licensee. The FernMark Licensee Programme is the New Zealand government’s official country of origin accreditation programme, an initiative designed to protect and promote New Zealand products and services to the world.

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