New Zealand Pure 100% New Zealand Douglas-fir Essential Oil

Naturally grown. Sustainably processed. Reliably delivered.

We produce all-natural essential oil from our sustainable forests for commercial customers seeking a high-quality, competitively priced, responsibly and ethically sourced product.

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Introducing Port Blakely New Zealand Essential Oils

Essence of the Forest

We capture the essence of our New Zealand Douglas-fir forests to produce pure essential oil with a fresh, woodsy aroma. Tested in a lab in New Zealand, our oil is organic and all-natural.

Now taking orders for our 2021 inventory.

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Sustainable Practices

The Douglas-fir trees that produce our oil come from a dedicated forest within the 35,000 hectares – or more than 85,000 acres – of forestland we own and manage in New Zealand. We take the product from seedling to oil, maintaining total control of the supply chain reliability, scalability, and quality. We follow sustainable harvest processing methods in our production, starting with a low-impact mobile steam distillery on-site growing to a biomass-fired boiler in 2022.

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Commitment to Stewardship

NZ Essential Oils is a subsidiary of Port Blakely, a family-owned company and established global leader in renewable forest products.

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