Our Process

Port Blakely New Zealand Essential Oil is produced using sustainable harvesting & processing methods

Not just a by-product, our oil comes from a timber forest we are converting into a purpose-grown hedge forest planted and nurtured by our dedicated silviculture team. This seedling-to-oil control of our supply chain allows us to deliver the best possible product directly to our customers.

Using sustainable harvesting and processing methods - including a low-impact mobile steam distillery in the forest - ensures the freshness of our inputs and removes unnecessary road transportation resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

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The Douglas-fir trees that produce our oil grow in a dedicated forest within the 35,000 hectares – or more than 85,000 acres – of certified sustainable forestland we own and manage in New Zealand. Taking the product from seedling-to-oil, we maintain total control of our supply chain to ensure reliability, scalability, & quality.

Green Hedging. Instead of relying on random scraps, we’ve dedicated a portion of our certified sustainable forest to produce the Douglas-fir foliage we use to create our essential oil.

We are transitioning this existing timber forest into a hedge-style forest where only fresh new growth will be harvested and processed onsite.

As a result, this forest – which is also a registered carbon forest – will become a permanent carbon sink, continually capturing CO2 and locking it away.

Onsite Distillery. In collaboration with industry and engineering experts, we are building a world-class plant to produce the finest quality essential oil from within our forest. The distillery is due to be completed in early 2022.

The steam used for distillation comes from a boiler fueled by the biomass left over after the oil is extracted. This closed-loop process allows the same forest producing the essential oil to also fuel its manufacture.

While industry-standard fossil fuel boilers would be more cost-effective in the short term, we chose a more climate-friendly energy supply to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operation.

Streamlined Packing & Shipping. With all production onsite, our oil will be packed and shipped from the forest directly to our customers.

Maintaining full control of our product end-to-end ensures we can deliver on our high-quality standards while also minimizing our carbon footprint.

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