Our Process

Port Blakely New Zealand Essential Oil is produced using sustainable harvesting and processing methods.

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In-forest Distillery. We have built a world-class plant in the Otago hills on the South Island of New Zealand to produce the finest quality essential oil from within our forest. This means the raw materials used to create our oil are not transported far before distillation, minimising the carbon footprint for our essential oil.

Quality Control. Our process uses automation to minimize the handling of the raw materials and maintain the quality of the final product. This reduces the risk of contamination, ensures consistent quality, and preserves the natural properties of the plant material.

Sustainability. While industry-standard fossil fuel boilers would be more cost-effective in the short term, we are implementing a biomass boiler to ensure the long-term sustainability of our operation. The same forest producing the essential oil will eventually fuel 100% of the steam used for distillation, in a closed-loop process.

Due to our non-destructive harvesting methods, this forest – which is also a registered carbon forest – will become a permanent carbon sink, continually capturing CO2 and locking it away.

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